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Family (Preventive) Dentistry
Davis, CA

Healthy smiles for healthy families start with professional family dentistry. At Davis Dental Practice, your bright, healthy smile is our top priority. Of course, you'll only smile if you're as happy with our service as you are with our dental treatment. That's why we take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. Not only do we listen to your concerns, but we use gentle, efficient cleaning techniques. We also hire caring, highly trained professionals. Our experienced staff of specialists is invested in meeting all of your dental needs; from calming anxieties to teaching good habits, from regular check-ups to sophisticated dental surgery.

At Davis Dental Practice, we take exceptional care of your oral health. Below are some of the preventive dental services that our practice provides.

Man brushing his teeth through mirror.

Cleanings, Exams and X-rays

Professional cleanings performed by a hygienist or dental assistant are as important to your dental health as daily brushing and flossing. Twice yearly dental check-ups and cleanings help catch problems when they are small and easier to treat. Left unattended, small treatable problems become worse and may require more extensive, expensive procedures to repair.
Click here to learn more about Ceanings, Exams, and x-rays.

Oral Cancer Screening

During your dental visit, Our doctors can talk to you about your health history and examine you for signs of mouth and/or throat cancer. Regular visits to Davis Dental Practice can improve the chances that any suspicious changes in your oral health will be caught early, at a time when cancer can be treated more easily.
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Periodontal Health

One of the best ways to keep your gums from bleeding when you come in for a cleaning is to floss regularly. Brushing your teeth before or after flossing is less important than whether you floss or not.
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Teeth Grinding

You may be grinding or clenching your teeth and not even know it. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is very common but it can lead to serious dental damage.
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A tooth extraction is the procedure done to remove a tooth that is damaged beyond repair from its socket in the jawbone. Extractions are also done to remove wisdom teeth that may be impacted or create future problems.
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