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Effects of Tooth Loss
Davis, CA

Child smiling with missing tooth at Davis Dental Practice in Davis, CAFrom childhood, we are faced with the occasional loss of teeth. While losing teeth as a child may not have been much of an issue, losing teeth as adults can bring so many negative effects on our dental health. These effects may even have cascading effects on our general health. To ensure that all these do not happen, getting single tooth implants or multiple tooth implants is the way to go. At Davis Dental Practice, we ensure that our patients do not suffer this, by educating them on the following effects of tooth loss.

Affected Eating Habits

As much as we need oxygen, we also need food to nourish our bodies and strengthen us. Our teeth play a strong role in the digestion of our meals. As an action we often do without a thought, chewing food can be strongly disturbed when we lose even a tooth. For some people, it may get stressful enough for them to lose their appetite, leading to lowered levels of daily nutrition.

Speech Impediments

The whole mouth is usually involved in producing sounds for speaking, and the teeth play vital roles in making complete speech. Losing teeth can cause us to slur certain words, or even impede us from being able to produce certain words clearly. When left unchecked, the tongue may begin to increase in size towards the space left from the missing teeth. This will contribute to further speech production impediments.

Bone Loss

One of the most serious effects of losing teeth is bone loss. Our teeth stimulate the jawbone when we chew food, and this stimulation is how the jawbone keeps its density and form. As soon as a tooth is lost, the stimulation is also lost. Once the jawbone stops receiving this stimulation, it begins to recede and lose its mass. Dental implants are the only type of tooth replacement option that ensures this does not happen. However, if a patient goes too long without getting dental implants, they will require a bone graft procedure to rebuild the jawbone.

Risk of Gum Disease

Losing a tooth leaves a space on the gums that may hide particles, plaque, and bacteria. The longer these stay, the higher the risks of decay and infections. These infections may cause periodontal diseases and endanger the general body’s health. Moreover, when the jawbone recedes, the gums recede and thin out, making them vulnerable to cuts and inflammation.

Teeth Misalignment

Every tooth works in hand to hold each other in their position. Losing one or more disrupts this support as a vacant space is left. Ignoring this space leads to teeth misalignment, as the surrounding teeth may begin to shift into the vacant space. This causes crookedness and unnecessary gaps that will make replacement hard and can cost you more to fix eventually.

How To Avoid The Effects Of Tooth Loss

Replacing your missing teeth immediately after they fall out is the only way to avoid the effects that tooth loss can bring. However not all replacement options can combat all the various effects. Single tooth implants or multiple tooth implants are sure ways of dealing with all of these effects in one take. If you have a missing tooth, our professionals at Davis Dental Practice will be glad to help you out. Do not hesitate to call us at (530) 756-5300 to find out how.
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Losing teeth as adults can bring so many negative effects on our dental health. At Davis Dental Practice, we will be glad to help you out call us today!
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