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Ice Chewing Could Damage Your Teeth Irreparably

Posted on 4/27/2020 by Office
Ice Chewing Could Damage Your Teeth IrreparablyThere are a lot of people who have a secret vice. They absolutely love to chew ice. In fact, some people have been chewing ice for years. If you have been crunching ice for a long time, you need to know that chewing ice is not good for your teeth. If you haven't ever heard that before, let us take a minute to talk to you about why crunching on ice is so bad for you.

Why Is Chewing on Ice Bad for You?

Chewing ice cubes puts a lot of pressure on your teeth, especially if you have done it for a while. Over time, chewing ice wears out the tooth enamel the same way that people who clench or grind their teeth overnight do. If you happen to chomp on an ice cube the wrong way, you may chip or fracture your tooth enamel.

Also, if you regularly chew ice, you can create tiny cracks in your teeth over time that can lead to larger and larger cracks. Chewing ice causes your teeth to go through cycles of cold as well as warmth that is usually present in your mouth. You could also experience fillings falling out if you chew on ice. That's because fillings contract and expand at a different rate and temperature than your teeth. Chewing ice reduces the lifespan of your fillings.

It's Not Just Your Teeth Themselves

If you have dentures, bridgework, implants, or braces, chewing ice can damage those as well. If you damage your dentures, bridgework or braces, you will have to come in and see us multiple times to get the damage fixed. This leads to a waste of time and money on your part, which no one wants.

If you chew ice as a habit, you need to stop. Trying chewing something else safer (such as gum that has our approval) rather than ice makes the time you spend with us worth your while. If you think may have damaged your teeth by chewing ice, contact our office today!
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